"Sometimes the best exit strategy is a good acquisition strategy."



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Want to get the best deal when you decide it’s time to sell your business? Then there’s only one strategy you need!

How do you know when it’s the right time to sell your business?

Every small and midsize business owner has worried over this question, and if it’s on your mind now, you’re in good company.

It feels like no matter what you do, it’ll be the wrong choice. How can you be sure you’ll get what it’s worth – and how can you be sure you’re getting a fair valuation?

But if you’re focused only on the selling, you’re looking at the wrong part of the equation.

A successful sale is one that’s appealing to buyers who can pay top dollar – and the secret to that is to make your exit strategy less about the exit… and more about the acquisition.

When you can move through the acquisition process efficiently, you’ll keep costs low and develop effective deal strategies that give you big buying power, translating into explosive growth – without the hassles faced by business owners who lack this training.

This is your answer to growing your business quickly so you can increase your exit price – and get rid of any niggling doubt that you could have got a better deal.

With expert advice born out of on-the-ground experience, this comprehensive guide to acquiring with the view to exit will lead you through every step of the process – so you can take your next steps with confidence. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Crucial considerations before you dive into the world of acquisition (do this, and you’ll set the process up right from Day 1)
  • How to decide on the best acquisitions to set your sights on – plus the limiting ideas that are holding you back
  • The secret to targeting businesses that will increase your value (with practical tools and strategies to increase your precision)
  • How to build Plan B into your Plan A – so you can pivot swiftly if you need to
  • The art of assembling a formidable team to launch you toward your ultimate goal
  • Why brokers are the superpower of the acquisitions journey – and how to use them wisely
  • What “business catnip” is… and how to weave it into your plan with stealth
  • The ins and outs of financing a deal that makes sure your business comes out on top
  • A complete roadmap from getting from LOI to close (without getting lost along the way)
  • The top cause of a failed acquisition – and how to avoid it and ensure a seamless transition
  • How to keep the momentum going after Acquisition #1 (because it’s not over yet!)
  • The ultimate way to keep your eye on the prize and prepare your expanded empire for a lucrative sale

And much more.

When you’re ready to sell your business, acquisition might be the last thing on your mind… but it’s the strongest exit strategy you can employ, and if you want to ensure the best sale you could possibly hope for, then there’s no better way out than to build.

But acquisition is an art, and if you want to sell for big money, then it’s an art you need to master. You’re just a step away from making it happen…


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